Defeat From Ugly Feets

photo via Instagram via @naturallykiara ; additional edit via T.G.G management

Seen this girl today. Wouldn’t even call her a girl the way her body moved. Seen a Amazon who clearly was taken out of her forest, today. Pondered more than I should have on if you would prefer her than me. Depicted this Amazon stranger as if I had the right.

Her hips and thighs moved when she moved and the shirt thar graced her very back I owned the same one, only mines was in black. Her hair weave, twenty six inches of greatness and skin the same color as mines, my hurt began to ache with the quicken pace because I know, no shadow of doubts you would have preferred her to me.

No, her feet weren’t pretty like mines, eyes not even twice as daring like mines, she ain’t even have a book in her hand like me but I was overwhelmed with this… she.

I felt she was better than me. I felt if I just looked like that or if I could change this, there would be no shadows clouding my mind.

I could no longer concentrate on my book because this pretty skin, ugly foot, earphones in, heavenly shaped Amazon stranger had stolen my man.

Adulting a.k.a Big Drawers McGraw

Model: unknown

Remember being a young child running wild, not quite mature enough to be aware of the privilege to being free and without real responsibilities; unless you include remembering to brush your teeth, do your homework, and never to talk to strangers. Can we also recall moments when our parent or guardian did or said something our developing minds thought “I can’t wait to be an adult so I can do whatever I want WHENEVER I want and get away from here!” Anyone remember saying crazy mess like this? Hahaha.

Fast forward to present day…you’re a functioning adult in society with your means of income, residence where you lay your head, hopefully managing your credit, debts, stocks, goals and/or investments. Maybe you have someone to navigate life with such as a spouse, domestic partner, A lover, entertaining prospects or single like a dollar bill. Lol. You may have reproduced and blessed this world with your seed & legacy.

Whatever lifestyle you are presently leading, I am positive it has its ups and downs because we are humans figuring it out with the knowledge and experience we have acquired thus far.

HOWEVERRRR, I know good and doggone well there are days I just want to throw my hands up and scream my head of in frustration as a result of LIFE, sometimes wishing I could be without worries, troubles, or responsibilities and afford to lead a carefree life, that of a child. Life happens to all of us and we all deal with it differently having our perception be our reality. That statement right there constantly reminds me to breathe and know if I change my thoughts I have the ability to shift my reality. There is always something to be grateful for. I have a friend who always says “it could be worse”, and I roll my eyes and we laugh but it’s TRUE!

As I got off of work today I found myself in a deep slump and incredibly frustrated. Frustrated because currently I am not able to focus solely on the one thing I see as a priority in order to advance because LIFE has other priorities forcing me to focus my attention to, inculding my TIME AND my MONEY. Now, I certainly can’t get my time back, BUT once I shift my thoughts out of regret and anger, I’m reminded that I am handling my business and this too shall pass, all I gotta do is remain positive and apply self discipline. Life is all about cause and effect. I must do this in order for this to happen. A, B, C happened and as a result D, E, F is the reward or consequence and you can’t skip steps, avoid responsibility, or always swindle your way out of certain things. Such is life, it’s a continuous pattern of whatever effort, mindset, and discipline YOU decide to apply to YOUR life.

I can be frustrated because I am human and it’s a natural emotion, but as a WOMAN, I must put on my big girl McGraw drawers and handle my business, clean up any mess to alleviate and clear my path to continue advancing to the next step, to build and add to my foundation.

Mindset is everything and you gotta be real with yourself and learn not to allow temporary emotions to dictate how you manage your life. Always be a man or woman about yours and watch how tangible advancement and growth will come!

From The Ghetto Guru, With Love 💋


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