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Hey all you savvy folks, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Bianca Klinglesmith and I am a freelance health & wellness content copy writer with a focus on blog articles and other web content to increase the client’s internet footprint. I specialize in writing on topics such as mental health, relationships, and holistic living, style and social media branding. I am fairly new to the freelance industry, however, I began blogging in 2011. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and I am a registered Medical Assistant with experience as a mental health advocate and direct support staff working with a broad range of individuals who have mental and/or physical disabilities.

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I strive to help organize my client’s ideas and words into a polished project with the purpose of captivating their key audience. I guarantee each and every project I produce will be 100% authentic. To work with me is a joy, as I am someone who is ever present, of absolute integrity and natural flair in discernment, and a writer you can undoubtedly count on. I value effective clear communication and comprehension, so not only do I expect the two, I will also deliver.

I enjoy brainstorming, researching, and exploring ways to connect with my audience through the construction and blend of words and ideas. Through this website I plan to attract individuals of all backgrounds seeking to hire fantastic freelance writing services, interested in my reading and sharing fresh, fun, raw content, network to gain business opportunities, and to always remain humble as I inspire others, gain inspiration, and continue to be a student of life!

Enjoy and remember to keep your energy light!

She roots for the woman who does not know her worth, the girl who may not come from the best background, but still pushes herself to continue elevating, still pulls strength from places she did not know existed as she remains focused on cultivating a life for herself that is better than she could ever dream of. She longs to shed a light so brightly on mental wellness and self-care, to share how direly important it is, to help people break barriers and discover brand new versions of themselves and eventually create a space for people to be comfortable in to share their thoughts, experiences, and emotions.


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