Defeat From Ugly Feets

photo via Instagram via @naturallykiara ; additional edit via T.G.G management

Seen this girl today. Wouldn’t even call her a girl the way her body moved. Seen a Amazon who clearly was taken out of her forest, today. Pondered more than I should have on if you would prefer her than me. Depicted this Amazon stranger as if I had the right.

Her hips and thighs moved when she moved and the shirt thar graced her very back I owned the same one, only mines was in black. Her hair weave, twenty six inches of greatness and skin the same color as mines, my hurt began to ache with the quicken pace because I know, no shadow of doubts you would have preferred her to me.

No, her feet weren’t pretty like mines, eyes not even twice as daring like mines, she ain’t even have a book in her hand like me but I was overwhelmed with this… she.

I felt she was better than me. I felt if I just looked like that or if I could change this, there would be no shadows clouding my mind.

I could no longer concentrate on my book because this pretty skin, ugly foot, earphones in, heavenly shaped Amazon stranger had stolen my man.

Published by B. Smith - The Ghetto Guru

Bianca Klinglesmith - writer & creator "The Ghetto Guru" is a witty and somewhat daring phrase that was created to paint a beautifully woven image with three short words. The word "ghetto" here is being used as described as someone who does not come from a life of luxury or privilege but also to describe a demeanor of someone who is down to earth, personable, quick-witted and raw. The definition of "guru" means an individual who is seasoned in life with a constant need to learn and to teach, digesting information in order to expel by releasing thoughts & ideas through pen. The Ghetto Guru was developed to be a space of creativity to engage either like-minded or new comers individuals of all sorts of walk of life. Writing has always been a instinctive natural comfortability, oftentimes more than spoken words. Organizing thoughts, ideas, and emotions through written form on topics including poetry, holistic living, pop culture, metaphysics, navigating society as a cultured woman, relationships and more. Now, you who discovered this platform, be free to enjoy a site that demonstrates a heavily sought raw sophistication and wit by indulging in what compels you and trust the content is always from The Ghetto Guru, with Love. Please subscribe, like, share, and comment. Thank you for your support!

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