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Due to the tragically recent death of brilliant screenwriter and actor Chadwick Boseman, the streaming service Showtime application has made some of his iconic movies available to watch.

Just finished watching the dramatic legal film “Marshall” for the first time starring Mister Boseman. Initially I thought it was going to depict Thurgood Marshall’s life showing the trials and tribulations Thurgood prevailed in order to become a lawyer and judge during the unforgettable civil rights movement.
I was wrong. Lol.
‘Marshall’ told the tale of a black man who was wrongfully accused of raping a white woman and Thurgood Marshall being a lawyer of the NAACP was sent to conservative Greenwhich, CT to be the accuser’s defense attorney. The film is set during a time when black people, my people, courageously spoke out and fought for equal rights all the while being treated worse than animals and experiencing extreme segregation in schools, stores, housing, politics and so much more.
In the movie Thurgood, as well as his Jewish lawyer partner Sam Friedman were discriminated against because of their ethnicity, yet and still they rose to fight showing an immense amount of perseverance and bravery. Because Marshall, a African American man and Friedman, a Jewish man the fighting was not done only in the courtroom. Because of the nature of the case it caught the attention of many people who were both for and against Marshall and Friedman in turn causing the men to receive threats and sometimes violence.I won’t spoil the ending just in case anyone hasn’t seen the movie yet, but with the two hour film and how it ended, it invoked a feeling of deep honour gratitude. This wasnt some make believe fairytale, these events happened! Our history and opportunities we now have due to the perseverance and bravery¬†of our ancestors is nothing short of remarkable. The possibilities are

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